Bourgeois Sololaki: what wealthy Tiflisians built a century ago

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2,5 hours
Место сбора:
metro station Freedom Square, Galaktion Tabidze street, house #2, main entrance to the City Hall building

This is an immersive excursion guided an architect into the richest district of Tiflis (Tbilisi) of the late XIX –  early XX centuries – Sololaki

At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, Tiflis made a colossal transformational qualitative leap towards a modern European city. You will clearly see in what historical, economic and aesthetic context the Sololaki district arose, proudly called by contemporaries "the Oriental Paris".
An architect will guide you to the most iconic houses of that era, and together you will "read" the styles, typologies, architectonics and layout of the urban fabric.

During this tour you will see:

  • Eclecticism, Art-Nouveau, Orientalism, Gothic, Renaissance and Rococo architecture;
  • The largest residential building in Tiflis pre-1917;
  • The most charming square in old Tbilisi;
  • The palace where Nicholas II stayed.

And you'll also find out:

  • What is architectonics and how to read it;
  • How are skyscrapers built;
  • How Tiflis transformed from a traditional oriental city to a modern European community;
  • How the architects of the heyday of capitalism in the Russian Empire managed to create an unforgettable image of this capital city, which nourishes Tbilisi architecture to this day.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Where we start: metro station Freedom Square, Galaktion Tabidze street, house #2, main entrance to the City Hall building
Where we end: same place

Additional info:
For audiences 12 years and older
Walking distance 2.2 kilometers, comfortable footwear recommended

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2,5 hours
12+ / На английском/ English tour
На английском/ English tour

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